Sheltering-in-Place During Wildfires


Learn What It Means to Be Shelter-In-Place

If you live in The Bridges, The Crosby, CIELO, 4S Ranch or The Lakes, your home is considered SHELTER-IN-PLACE. But what does that mean? Our community program will provide you with information and tips to maintain your Shelter-in-Place status and help you decide what do if a wildfire threatens your community.

Contents of our SIP program include:

Although the SIP concept is new to the United States, Australia has used the concept for years. Recently, our SIP communities passed the test of the Witch Creek Fire. Although the fire burned in and around these communities, not a single SIP shetler was lost. To learn more about sheltering in place, or to schedule this presentation, please contact Julie Taber at 858-756-6008, or via email.