Sheltering-in-Place During Wildfires


If you live in The Bridges, The Crosby, CIELO, 4S Ranch or The Lakes, your home is considered SHELTER-IN-PLACE. This means that every home in your community, including yours, was built to certain standards that, when maintained, greatly increase the chances that your home will survive a wildfire. In fact, while we encourage everyone to evacuate early if a wildfire approaches, it may be safer to stay in your home, or shelter-in-place, than to evacuate under hazardous conditions.

To learn more about what makes your neighborhood a Shelter-in-Place community and what you can do to prepare for and during a wildfire, download our Shelter-in-Place guide.

If you do NOT live in one of our Shelter-in-Place communities, or for more information about evacuation, please download our evacuation guide, "Getting Our Alive."