Accidental Poisoning


Poison Action Line
EMERGENCY NUMBER: 800-222-1222


Each year, at least 30 children die due to accidental poisonings from household chemicals and medicines. Additionally, adults seeking help when children have ingested a harmful substance place approximately one million phone calls to Poison Control Centers each year.

Poisons come in all shapes and sizes. Invest some time in the safety of your children. Follow these helpful tips to safeguard little ones from poisonous substances:

Top 10 Ways to Keep Children Safe From Poisons:

  1. Place the California Poison Control System hotline number on or near all phones.
  2. Ask for child resistant containers.
  3. Do not store food products and household cleaners in the same cabinet.
  4. Always keep products in their original containers with their original labels.
  5. Keep harmful medicines and household products out of reach and in locked cabinets.
  6. Never call medicine "candy."
  7. Do not take medicine in front of children; they love to imitate adults.
  8. Many poisonings occur when a product is in use. If the doorbell or the phone rings, or there are other distractions, keep the product with you.
  9. Know your plants. Check the California Poison Control System web site at, or call the hotline for a list of poisonous and non-poisonous plants.
  10. Keep potentially harmful products such as cosmetics, perfume, cigarettes, alcohol, vitamins with iron, and over-the-counter drugs clearly out of reach.

If you must call the poison control center, provide the poison center staff with the following information:

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