Fire Extinguisher Training


Do you know how to operate a portable fire extinguisher? What about the employees at your place of business? Whether at home or at work, the wrong time to learn to use a portable fire extinguisher is when you're faced with a real fire situation. There isn't time to stop and read the instructions on the side of the extinguisher. Now is the best time to careful read the instructions on your fire extinguisher and learn how to use if properly.


Training for Local Businesses

For those with businesses within the Fire District, if your employees would like to participate in hands-on fire extinguisher training, the Rancho Santa Fe Fire Protection District can help. Fire extinguisher training covers:

To perform this training, your business will be required to provide enough fire extinguishers for the live fire segment. For practice, usually one extinguisher can be used per three adults. To make an extinguisher training appointment for your business, please call 858-756-6008.