Disaster Preparedness & Planning


Natural or man-made disasters can strike at any moment without notice. Whether the region is afflicted with an earthquake, wildfire, flood or an act of terrorism, staying composed and knowing what to do during a crisis situation takes PREPARATION and PRACTICE.

Depending on the severity of the disaster at hand, fire and emergency medical services may be delayed, roads may be blocked, and the water supply may be contaminated. You must be prepared to survive on your own until help arrives. Click on the links below to learn how to design your own emergency plan and how to make a disaster supplies kit. Information is courtesy of the American Red Cross.

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Disaster Preparedness for Pets and Livestock

A very important part of your disaster plan is how you plan to transport and care for your pets and/or livestock. If you evacuate your property prior to or during a disaster DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PETS BEHIND. It's unlikely they will survive on their own.

Making a Plan
Before an emergency occurs, contact your local animal shelter, humane society or veterinarian for information about caring for animals during a crisis situation. Find out if there will be any shelters set-up to take pets in an emergency and ask your veterinarian whether they will accept your pet during a disaster. Find out well in advance whether any local hotels or motels will allow pets.

Assembling a Pet Emergency Preparedness Kit
Not only do you and your loved ones need adequate provisions to survive a disaster, your pets and livestock need an emergency kit, as well. Be sure to include these items:

Larger Animals and Livestock
Arrangements for evacuation of large animals and livestock, including escape routes and host sites, should be made FAR IN ADVANCE. Make arrangements for the use of trucks, trailers and other vehicles, as well as experienced handlers and drivers to transport the animals. Whenever possible, familiarize your animals with these vehicles in advance so they are less frightened, making for an effortless evacuation.

Additional resources for pet disaster preparedness:

Download the Fire District's "Disaster Preparedness for Pets" information sheet (pdf)

Important Phone Numbers:
San Diego Humane Society
Business: (619) 299-7012
24-hour emergency help: (619) 299-0871

San Diego Animal Control
Business: (760) 438-2312
24-hour emergency help: (760) 438-1460