The following is a step-by-step guide for installing and setting up the PulsePoint app on your smartphone.

Download the app from the iTunes Store or Google Play.

When you open the app on your phone it will state "You aren't following any agencies yet." Start by tapping on the button with the three lines in the upper left corner of your screen.

From the menu page you can access and search the list of participating agencies by tapping either "Agencies" or "Settings" followed by "Add New Agency."
On the Agencies page you can search for an agency by name or tap the location icon at the end of the search field to see which participating agencies are near you. Tap on the agency name you wish to follow.
A home page for the agency will appear. If this is the correct agency, tap "Follow" in the upper right-hand corner, then tap the back arrow key. Repeat for each agency you wish to follow.

Once you have finished selecting the agencies you wish to follow, return to "Settings" and under notifications tap the box next to CPR. A heart will appear. This indicates that you will now receive push notifications when there is an emergency requiring CPR near you.

PLEASE NOTE: You do not need to follow an agency to receive CPR needed notifications. The app will notify you of any such emergency within your vicinity regradless of which agencies you follow.

When an emergency occur it will appear in your feed. Tap on the emergency to find out more about the emergency, including the location. To see if there are any AEDs in the area, tap the AED button on the lower left-hand side of the screen.

PLEASE NOTE: Not all medical emergencies listed for an agency require CPR or assistance. Please do not go to an incident unless you receive a notification or indication that CPR is required.

All known AEDS in the area will be displayed on the map.
To obtain the exact location (including a photo of the AED location if using an iPhone), tap on the AED icon. There is also a separate PulsePoint AED app (also available on iTunes and Google Play) that includes even more information about AED locations and the ability to add an AED not already in the system.
Once you have the app installed and your settings all set, you are ready to go! If you do receive a notification that help is needed, please respond quick but safely. If no AED is available and/or you forget the steps of tradition CPR, remember it's better to do something than nothing. People's lives have been saved when others have performed chest compressions only, or hands-only CPR, the instructions for which can be accessed from the menu of the PulsePoint app.