Fire Apparatus


Firefighting apparatus is designed to carry all the equipment needed for a rapid response to any type of emergency. Here is the Rancho Santa Fe Fire Protection District's collection of emergency response apparatus.


Type-I Pumpers (Fire Engines)Type-I Pumpers (Fire Engines)

The Fire District has four frontline Type-I pumpers, or fire engines; one is housed at each of the four fire stations.

Fast facts:

Type-III Brush EnginesType-III Brush Engines

The Fire District has three frontline Type-III brush engines housed at three of the four fire stations.

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Water TenderWater Tender
The Fire District has one frontline water tender. The water tender is housed at Station 1 in Rancho Santa Fe but is utilized throughout the District as needed.

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Command VehiclesCommand Vehicles
The Fire District has four Command vehicles. One Command vehicle is assigned to each Chief Officer.

What's Inside:

Reserve Fleet
The reserve fleet is used when frontline rigs are out of service or when additional staffing is needed during emergencies and high fire hazard periods. The District's reserve apparatus includes two Type-I pumpers.