Car Seat Safety Program


Vehicle crashes remain the number one killer of children ages 2-14 in the United States. Making sure your child is safely restrained while riding in a vehicle could help prevent serious injury or even death. Correctly installing a car seat is a very involved process. There are a number of details to remember and safety issues to consider. That’s why the Rancho Santa Fe Fire Protection District is pleased to offer free child safety seat inspections and installations.


Certified Staff

The RSFFPD has a nationally certified Child Safety Seat Technician on staff. Technicians are required to complete a 40-hour course and are certified by the National Child Passenger Safety Program through Safe Kids Worldwide and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Recertification is requred every two years.


Child Safety Inspections

Child Safety Seat Technicians look at all aspects of the safety seat and vehicle to ensure proper installation. They also take the time to instruct parents in how to correctly install the car seat and secure the child  in the seat. Topics addressed include:

• Ensuring the seat is appropriate for the child’s age, weight, and height.
• Proper placement of the seat in the vehicle
• Which locking method should be used to secure the car seat
• How to secure the child in the seat

Child Safety Seat Inspections are done by appointment. Each installation takes approximately 45-60 minutes. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call 858-756-6008.


Additional Resources

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