What Will I Learn in CERT?

CERT Class

People who participate in CERT training will have a better understanding of potential disaster threats to their home, workplace and community. If a disaster occurs that overwhelms local emergency response capabilities, trained CERT members can apply their training to give critical support to family, neighbors and co-workers until professional help arrives.

Classroom and hands-on training modules will cover the following topics:

Unit 1 | Unit 2 | Unit 3 | Unit 4 | Unit 5 | Unit 6 | Unit 7 | Unit 8 | Unit 9 | WUI

UNIT 1 - Disaster Preparedness | Back to Top

UNIT 2 - Fire Safety | Back to Top

UNIT 3 - Disaster Medical Operations, Part One | Back to Top

UNIT 4 - Disaster Medical Operations, Part Two | Back to Top

UNIT 5 - Light Search and Rescue Operations | Back to Top

UNIT 6 - CERT Organization | Back to Top

UNIT 7 - Disaster Psychology | Back to Top

UNIT 8 - Terrorism and CERT | Back to Top

UNIT 9 - Course Review & Disaster Simulation | Back to Top

WUI MODULE - The Wildland Urban Interface | Back to Top

If you have questions regarding the RSF CERT Program, please email us, or call Engineer Dave Bispham or Firefighter/Paramedic Troy Duncan at 858-756-5971.


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