Becoming a Rancho Santa Fe Firefighter/Paramedic


Our agency has been at the heart of the Rancho Santa Fe community from its early days. Long ago, absent a local "city" government, the Fire District was called upon to perform a wide variety of tasks and served as a warehouse of information. In today's environment,


The Organization | Top
The Rancho Santa Fe Fire Protection District is governed by a five-person, elected Board of Directors. The Fire Chief is charged with managing the District while a Deputy Chief oversees the Operations Division and the Training Officer supervising the training of staff. Supervision of fire suppression activities is performed by each of the three Battalion Chiefs on 24-hour shift basis. Fire suppression staff work three or four firefighters per shift out of each of our five fire stations. We also employ full-time fire prevention staff, including an urban forester, a public education coordinator, and administrative personnel.


District Demographics | Top
The Rancho Santa Fe Fire Protection District is approximately 38-square miles, made up mostly of suburban uses. We serve a great number of large estate homes and newer housing tracts, as well as some smaller, older residential tracts and a small industrial area. We serve a population of approximately 29,000 people.

What the Fire District Can Offer You | Top
The District does not have a high incidence of fire, although we do respond to more than 1600 requests for service each year.

Whether you are providing a fire company inspection to a business, a residential fire safety inspection to a homeowner, or tending to a victim of a traffic collision, each member of our team is charged with providing the assistance needed to the citizens. The District is highly committed to seeing that all of our community members are treated fairly, rapidly and without bias.

As a recruit you will have the opportunity to work along side some very motivated, highly creative people and deliver unique services to a very appreciative public. The fire service is an extremely satisfying career, one that has many opportunities.

The Position | Top
Medical-related incidents make up more than 75% of our responses and traffic collisions/rescues are on the rise. We also have a very large Urban/Wildland Interface area which continues to provide concern for the District and the community. On all emergency/service calls, we require our people to deliver the highest level of "customer service" and go the extra mile to assist.

Under the direction of a Company Officer, firefighter/paramedics are responsible for performing a number of duties typical of most fire departments/districts.

The firefighter/paramedic:

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